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New to trials from canada


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Hello, I've just picked up a gasgas txt 300 pro,Would have liked 200-250cc but hard to find

used and summer may be over by the time I find one,so ,diving head first so to speak.I look forward to

learning lots on this forum.  brian

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Hi Brian, I know nothing about the Canadian Trials scene, but best of luck, and hope you find the organised events near you.

The 300 may just suit you, but just because you have one bike, does not stop you from getting a few more... ;))

We are lucky here in North Wales, just this week there were 3 events within 40 miles of home, and lots of the easy sections that I now prefer.


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Hi scifi.Thanks. Where I am in canmore ,alberta. there is not much for organized trials

unfortunately. Myself and a freind are trying to learn some trials skills of the internet and dvd's such 

as Ryan young training video's.  the 300 seems to be ok I would just like to lighten up the 

clutch a bit,which I've gotten some good information about on this forum. More bikes ,yea, that's 

allways a good thing.North Wales sounds like a great place to be a trials rider ,good for you. Thanks for

the welcome.  brian

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