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Lots are parts are ‘standard’ trials stuff- but certainly some stuff will get hard to find.

Setting injection, checking and trouble (not really many ‘codes’) is easy (like mentioned, software and now cables are readily avlailiable).  I have both and find (at least mine) likes to have the TPS reset about every 100 hours.   I have almost 400 hours on my Explorer (also have a low hour factory 300) and is my favorite bike. But I want to be able to keep riding it so I bought a Beta 4T I can ride also and put less hours on the OSSA.

The Beta is actually very similar to ride as the OSSA, nice smooth engine, weight about the same as the Explorer (much more than the factory). OSSA might have a bit better balance, but I’m just an intermediate trials rider (although I’ve been riding 50 years) and perhaps have no clue what I’m talking about.

I would suggest a 2014 or newer, some big improvements were made.    Still claims by the owner to try and start production again, but at this point I doubt it. Unless someone comes along and just starts it up with loads of money to do it right.  Probably would need to be a big company like KTM that wants to build trials bikes and doesn’t.  Seems unlikely to me. There is certainly a LOT of things it has I like more than any other current bike out there.  The air filter location is one (way up high by the steering stem- stays really clean and doesn’t fill with water), radiator location (stays clean of mud etc and very protected), exhaust (tucked out of the way from damage), cassette gearbox (service is really easy if required), FI into the crankcase/transfer port (better fuel ecomomy and runs super clean)

oh well.  Lots of great bikes out there.

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18 hours ago, canada280i said:

Does Xavi have any custom factory 300 maps lying around that are not part of the package generally available?

Hi. I ignore it.
In the software package are the Evo6, and Factory14.
Try to contact him.

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Thanks again everyone for your comments and ideas - positive and otherwise!

Although I didn't buy the bike I was considering I haven't entirely given up on the idea - the design ideas look so good and I've always relished a challenge!

There don't seem to be many advertised at present, but if something interesting comes up, who knows.

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