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Oset Lanyard not closing circuit

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just tried to connect an oset lanyard to my son 16”.

I tried a petrol bike one and that was working backwards, so changed it for a Oset one.

now, when I connect it it does not work at all, why is that?

What I did was removing the key switch which was not needed and connected the two wires straight into the lanyard wires.

shoulnt the oset lanyard close a circuit between the two wires when it’s clipped on?

what am I missing?

the bike is an older model equipped with Kelly controller and OEM throttle

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Duff kill switch, been covered before about a week back. Reconnect ignition switch and confirm everything good. Test kill switch with a torch battery and bulb a simple circuit to confirm kill switch is good or duff. You could use a DVM to test the switch if you have one.

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ok, thanks

from the test that I've done it does not close the circuit in any way.

I guess my doubt was that instead of being just an on/off breaker, there could have been some other component inside the button that would have shut off the bike in another way - not an expert in electrical components.

If it is definitely just a on/off breaker it's just defective then

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