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Clutch FACTS - TL320


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AS clutches are a major talking point on the Forum, AND i was a bit bored last night !!.. thought i'd do some measurements of the Clutch lever actuation while my 320 is stripped down. ( Excuse the slightly blurred pics and the Dirt in the casings !!.)

These are just for Information , as I'd not seen these measurements stated (So hope this helps anyone in some way ) .. And they're from a pretty worn engine, but I expect them to be reasonably accurate. (is that enough disclaimers !!)



SWM Clutch Arm Travel-1.JPG

SWM Clutch Arm Travel-2.JPG

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Rotax in the older days did things their own ways, sometimes a bit too much their own. Like their disc valve controlled intakes for mx, enduro and trials engines. And the use of magnesium for transmission and magneto covers. Also, their clutch operating designs, as shown here. Everything a bit more self-willed than outstanding.

Of course, this clutch operating system can be made to work OK, but ..... . The answer from Rotax came a few years later, with a conventional solution, like on most other dirt bikes. Much more rugged, simple and reliable, lighter to operate (see below).

On the other hand, complicated solutions, exotic materials and so on are always nice to find when examining an old engine design......


2018-07-31 21.27.25.jpg

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I gota say, my SWM 320 1980 std bar 10mm on the arm was THE best clutch of any trials bike I've owned, modern or old. I rode a new 1982 back in the day and that was fine too. 

Just had new proper cable, proper Domino leavers and perches, steels roughed up with 80 grit, running ATF, set up correctly.....and greased balls oooer. 

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