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Sherco rear suspension lubrication


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14 hours ago, briangg said:

Looks like the video forgot step 1. 



And on that wash your bike regularly 

Yes, this is a good practice.
Anyway, you should always wash everything after removing swing arm from bike.
And, yes, when I wash my bike I never spray high pressure water in links area. This part is always dirt.

I try in these videos keep things "real world" and simple as possible. The idea is give confidence to the one who want do the job first time.

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Nice videos you make Cascao, simple but effective.

Is the white plastic protector on the back of the dog bones a standard part on newer bikes, or an aftermarket piece?

My addition is that I got rid of the two rear bolts holding the rear of the mudguard. I drilled two small holes in the guard so I can pass a thin cable tie through the holes and around the bolt (spaced out a little) that holds the "interior fender". Now when I flip the bike the cable tie breaks, not so much the mudguard.

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Bikepert, the white plastic part you saw in dogbones is a "thing" I made few years back when this bike was almost brand new. 

Your rear fender zip tie mod is a good practice. Will tell about it with a friend that keep breaking these fenders.

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