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Montesa 349 clutch fluid.

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Thanks. I have been searching and did find a thread. No luck with 3 leg puller as you say. 

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Well I have had no luck with getting the primary drive gear off. Searched for tools and then rang InMotion Trials and asked if they sold a puller for this. He laughed loud and heartily at this and said to grind the gear off and buy a new one from him.

An old friend who's a right clever bugger, had a look and later rang me to send him dimensions for the shaft and drive gear, etc. He popped over today with something he'd made.

I fitted it, tightened it, gave it a good whack and tightened it again.

Off it popped.

Here is a video of how it works taken when I had put the gear back on for realism purposes.

:) One happy chappy.


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