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Honda tlr , atv head barrel

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As title says  what are the benefits of putting a ATV head and barrel on a TLR 200 ?

What ATV is the donor ?

What is the going rate for the parts ?

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Most of the 1980-2001 Honda ATC 185-200 and XL/XR 185-200 heads,cylinders, cams, pistons etc. will work on the TLR.

if you do some web searches there are people usually on 4stroke related forums that list all the different combinations.

the reasons people change to them is that they have a larger intake valve and the cams they have are more performance oriented with different valve lift and opening/closing then the TLR. They also have larger carburetors and a higher compression piston.

The TLR has been de-tuned (hard to imagine even less power) from them and have their own cam with timing/lift changes from the ATC's and the XR/XL's to make it more docile and easier to ride for trials. Changing different parts will change how the power comes on and when but that may or may not be what your looking for.  A lot of people that want to make all the changes are often looking for more power for trail riding and will sacrifice some low end grunt. Many people think changing to a higher compression piston (the TLR is around 8.5 :1 as opposed to 10:1 for the ATV/XR/XL's) is the best (and easiest) way to more tourque.

Lots of parts can be found on eBay. If you do decide you want to buy a used head and valve train pay very close attention to the cam journals, the cam lobes and rocker arm pads as often they are very worn out or scarred (usually from running low on oil) and you end up buying something you can't use.

best of luck

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