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Trs 300 rr backfire then loss of power?

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Hi folks


yesterday i got a similar issue:

did a carb clean up and changed my spark plug as a basic maintenance and rode some section for a full tank of gas. Ran fine until it didn't.

First thought was running out of gas but no. Idling was fine and quarter throttle was strong but I couldn't rev the engine up. It was dying every try. 

Today I checked wiring harness, cdi, killer switch, spark plug, air filter, I would not accept my carb was crapping on me since I had it cleaned up 24h earlier...

until I opened the bowl to find out that the main pilot jet was hanging in the bowl instead of being at the bottom of the needle shaft.. 

I first thought for the first time in my life was like pointless to screw the jet like a donkey the only thing that could happen would be to mess and destroy the carb. I guess it wasn t tight enough, no point trying to rev my engine up without the pilot jet in its dedicated place after it got unscrewed by engine vibrations!


I hope I have learnt something at one point. I might not be smart but at least I hope I will feel like a normal human being with a proper brain... Oneday...


enjoy your week end

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I have had a Spark Plug do this to me on other bikes.  so dont skip that part try other plug.  I also read many places of FAKE brand name plugs everywhere...  Buy from trusted place.

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