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Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?


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Just got xui full race Kevlar clutch kit with the 4 plates, it’s showing a 30 degree machining on the clutch pack operating fingers? Is this at the clutch pack end? Looks like it?

does this entail going to a machine shop to have done?

i thought it was at the other end of finger, bolt end, so I could just grind or file off?

anyone got this set up to advise? 

No mention of this at all on website from shop or xui website, v f##d off......

Looks like I’m fubaared for this weekend..........this was supposed to be a drop in fix!! ??


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I still don't understand the problem. The only difference between the Xiu fingers and the stock fingers is that they're cut out more for oil flow. The way they rest between the pack and the pressure plate is the same. There's no reason the Xiu fingers and stock wouldn't be interchangeable between packs. 

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The stuff is expensive enough so now need to cost in for some machining!

looked on their website and it’s says straight swap no farting about with it!

ive now got no bike this weekend....very nobbed off...

typical trials related, let the rider develop the product first....

this is from Xui website blerb

notice the “assembled on stock clutch, and rest of components”

Technical Info:

This special kit, made just for GG engines, is designed to offer the maximum torque control of your engine.
Using very special steel plates, 1,00mm, made by wire cutting. And combined with our Kevlar compound pads. Can be assembled on the original stock clutch hub, and rest of components. Due using more discs, this
kit, is able to transfer much more torque and heat and also make easier to cool the discs through higher oil flow.

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