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New trials rider, old SY175 questions

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After lurking for some time I got my first trials bike, a 2006 SY175. Started the basic maintenance and I have some questions you SY guys probably can answer.

1)Where is the oil "filter" and how is it accessed?

2) Where can I obtain several air filter elements? Mine has a hole right along one edge of the rectangular filter plastic frame.

3) Is there a shop manual for the bike? How to get it? Would a TTR125 manual work for the engine?

4) What to do with the nut that holds the back of the fuel tank, it is spinning and lining up the bolt through the fender is not working well? I am considering removing that nut and replacing it with a hex nut and washer.

5) Remind me what the valve clearance spec is, I read it somewhere but forgot the numbers.

I guess this is enough to start me off. I may ask more questions, about the carb and jetting next time as the bike is very cold blooded not taking any throttle until quite warm. I just picked it up yesterday and can't wait to fool around on it.



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B&J racing did a lot of work with these bikes. Look them up! 

Parts should mostly be available through RYP and here may be service info posted on the website.

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Hello, I've got  your bikes double and have run it since new.

There's no oil filter just change it every 20 rides or so and watch and not strip the drain bolt.

The filters are common to most Scorpas 0f that era 2ts too so any decent trials shop should stock them the air box is good but tape the space between the exhaust and the mudguard and where the the box and mudguard meet.

Trust me you wont need a manual nothing goes wrong but they're the same motor as the TT125.

The captive nut that holds the tank is a pain mine still works can't really suggest anything.

Never checked the valve clearances and I'll bet mines done more Trials than any single bike in Scotland so no help here.

Bikes no power until it's warm, always been that way but once hot fine, most fiddle with jetting but mine is stock and runs better than any of the others I've tried.

Just ride it and forget about it wish mine looked as good as yours, 

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Check this post out.as mentioned sy250 air filters same.

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Good info so far. I talked with Mike at tryalsshop and ordered an air filter, 17.5 pilot jet, and a spark plug.  Rode a few laps around the front yard just to start getting used to riding a trials bike and thinking about all those videos I have watched on youtube, etc. Having attempted a few trials sections on my klx250 I am already cognizant of the better slow handling and ease of the SY. Thanks guys.

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