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2019 Vertigo 300 fuel consumption


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On 7/11/2019 at 10:42 PM, jonnyjibs said:

Sounds daft, but check the rubber seal on the inside of the filler cap hasn’t dropped out whilst refuelling...... 

Nah, I really figured out it was mostly just the incredibly rich "wet" map....

Moreover, the 2019 maps use more fuel than the 2018 maps.

On 7/11/2019 at 3:56 PM, jacques blackburn said:

Same as you, I have a 2012 Ossa Factory and no problems with injection and only had to change wheel bearings and evreything work well with the bike. I also have a Montesa 300 RR and no problems with injection. I mostly use the Ossa and  I bought the Montesa because Ossa is no more in production and I fear for when I will need unavailables parts. It is very sad that Ossa could not continue to improve this incredible motorcycle. 

Yes, a real shame.

I also liked my 2014 Ossa.... Whenever I see a rare Ossa at the races, I can't help but stare and feel a little nostalgic. 

But I'm also happy with my Vertigo!

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Got  a 2012 Ossa 281i new in 2012 and ran it until 2020 when I couldn't get parts and picked up a used 2013 300 and am still riding to this past weekend. Have had various issues but none ever fuel injection related. Weekend warrior status fwiw.

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