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Help identifying a fantic


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So I found this fantic that needs some work for pretty cheap near me but looking for as much info on it as possible. He claims its a 1990 240? but think if he has the year right it'd be a 247? Looking for confirmation on the model and any info on it such as part availabiltity.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 7.36.41 PM.png

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I used to own a 305 for a few years, looks the same as your photo except it had proper forks. It was a light bike for it's time with usable power and fine handling. The smaller engine tended to be a little peaky, The motors soon developed piston slap and getting pistons these days is not so easy. The engine/gearbox was well engineered and gave little if no trouble at all. Some parts are available from the UK, not the easiest of brands to get spares for. Getting the front mudguard supports are really difficult, a French company did make a batch some years back, I am sure they would have all been snapped up as they fit other trials bikes with similar USD forks. Have a good search for plastics, rear guards were another difficult item. Overall, a well thought out bike with awful USD forks, the larger motor was the better of the two. Bye, Peter B.

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It's a 309 from 1991, they were released at the same time as the first K-Roo with the same colour scheme and suspension as the K-Roo. I think the site that fourex gave has got the year wrong, this is another site that has plenty of info https://www.fanticmotor.asso.fr/r02.htm 

I had one from new and still have it now. The USD forks were very similar to what everyone was using at the time and were as good as anything around when new. Considering they are nearly 30 years old they are still a very capable machine and the engines are great. Like any old bike spares can be a problem but nothing that can't be overcome if you really want to. 

At some point I wouldn't mind getting another one and upgrading it but that's a project for the future! 

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  The Tryals shop in NY is a good source in the US. Plenty of suppliers in the UK as well. It surprises me how much is still available for these bikes. A new piston and rings though might take some time to find

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