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montesa honda 349 fork yoke

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I have recently purchased a 1982 MH 349, however the from tyre rubs on the mudguard bracket unless it has 25psi in it, I don't know if the fork yokes are the wrong type? the forks are parallel at the top and bottom?  is there are measurements that I could check as it may be the yokes or there are spacers missing on the front wheel hub?
It looks like I have 110mm between forks and approx. 145, centre of fork slide to centre, is this standard for a MH349? 

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Hi badgersheid, as mentioned in another post elsewhere on this site, 170mm is what you are looking for in the yokes, I've managed to get a pic of my 349/4 with a ruler across the top, I've also got a Cota 350 in pieces which is also 170mm.

They are all basically the same whether it be MH 349, Cota 349/4, Cota 350. IE: 170mm centre to centre. I'd be curious to see a pic of your front wheel/hub set up to see what's installed.



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