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Oset 20 r charging

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Got a oset 20r on standard Battery and charger. It won't charge. Red light on but no other or fan.

So I've pulled connection s apart on charger socket and getting 60v dc. Seems a bit high. Presumed it would be around 48v dc.

Is this right, 



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Hi Simon.

I have to say that I don’t have any experience with the OSET 20R – My experience is with the OSET 12.5 and lately with the Kuberg Trial Hero.

With that disclaimer, I think it sound like the charger doesn’t recognize that the bike is plugged in.  
I’d have a similar problem with the Kuberg.

Please check ..

-          Dirt or water in the connection jack (on the bike)

-          Faulty wiring on the bike (from the connection Jack to the controller)

If this check out, please work you way from the back.
Can you charge the battery with a ordinary motorcycle charger (unplug the battery and charge with the Motorcycle charger) ?

I can’t tell you if the charger should get 60v dc – but for me it seems ok. Remember – the Motor is 48v, but the charger can be more. ?

That’s my input – hope you can use some of them  ?

Thomas Ertmann

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Can you try the charger on someone else’s bike, if it works it’s ok, or borrow a charger to test if that works on your bike. Had same issue with mine and the charger was goosed, needed a new one.

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On 4/30/2019 at 4:26 PM, johnsandywhite said:

The 48 volt battery is actually more when fully charged. It requires to charge to 57.6 to 58.8 to be fully charged.

So that sounds about right.

Will try charging each battery separate.


But still no idea why it's not kicking in.

Anyone got any ideas were to test etc

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with the charger connected to the battery the voltage should come down to more like 48v and will only get upto the (aprox 55v) when nearly or fully charged.  measure your battery voltage with it disconnected from everything first, if it flat and the battery is still ok then this will be around 47v ( if its lower then you prob have a faulty battery ) a fully charged battery should be around 52v (off the charger )( the aprox cutoff voltage when your battery is being charged will be around 56v) basically the charger voltage should drop down to more like what the battery voltage is when you test it when not connected to anything, if it dont drop down when you plug the charger in then the most prob reason is either faulty battery or a bad/no connection from charger to battery.

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