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Dellorto PHBL26BS. Have a needle valve question

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I have just cleaned the carburetor on my 2005 Gas Gas TXT 125 pro and did not notice the "groove" in the needle valve when i took it off the carburetor.

i am pretty sure it does not matter which way the "groove" in the neddle points to but i rather ask my fellow members here at the forum. So must the "groove" in the needle valve point towards a spesific direction? 

The carburetor had quite a lot of corrosion/green stuff inside because of the needle lifter and the 2 floats. Checked the floats for any holes but the floats are the white plastic type and you can see if any fuel is inside the floats.

I did install to floats the correct way with the "tip" on each of the floats down at the bottom of the metal tank 


I also bought a "gasket kit" which contains of 1 large O ring where i have no idea where it goes (the O ring is to small for the metal tank and to large for the carb cover) and 2 washers for the carburetor cover. That is all that was in the bag...




Needle valve. Pic 3.jpg

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It does not matter where your arrowed groove is pointing to. The float arms connect to the pin extending from the valve body via a forked clip. Been a few years since I stripped a DellOrto so I could be wrong about the clip. Bye, Peter B.

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