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Fibreglass Paint Prep


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I need to paint two Cota 247 bodies.  I have done it in the past but results were mixed.  I want to do this right and finish off with a very hard, fuel proof, KBS Diamond clear coat.  But before I get their I need to use the right pre-coat and top coat.  I would appreciate suggestions for both pre-coat that will give me a well attached base that I can sand to a good finish and then a sound top coat.  


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Use a 2 pack primer/filler and then use 2 pack paint as well. Also use a good brand of paint. PPG is great and there are a few other brands which are also very good. Remember preparation is everything. Sand the paint down before you put the stickers and the clear on. Graham.

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I've painted a couple of fibreglass or composite tanks and have always used a good quality filler primer the same as what auto painters use on car bumbers. 

Go to a local auto paint supplier and tell them what you are going to paint and they will advise on the best product to buy.

As bullylover says, ensure your prep is 100% and dust free because it will show on the final coats. Use fine grit sand paper to flat the primer coats smooth.

Good luck.

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8 hours ago, copemech said:

it will cost you less in the end to hire a pro!

But he won't be able to say that he restored it!

Too many guys around claiming they restored old bikes when all they did was bolt on things made or painted by other people.

Do it yourself is what i say, much more satisfying, and sometimes because you take the extra care, can be better than what some so called professional does because he couldn't care less about your bike.

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After accomplishing repairs for leaks and soft spots on my friends MAR tank, it was block sanded to remove any sharp edges, not sanded perfectly true.  Leak checked again, pressurized with a bicycle hand pump and submerged.  

As a person that repairs composite aircraft parts, using that knowledge and experience, we had the paint shop apply these coats.

Epoxy primer onto the bare fibreglass surface.  A fill primer was applied next.  This is a two part high build spray on product that sands easily.  Once the final sanding and fill prime layers were accomplished, top coat layers of paint then stripes were applied.  The paint shop stepped up and then applied clear over the entire tank outer surfaces.

The frame side panels were done the same way.

As for not painting myself, couple reasons, one,  I do not like to and two is I am not a great painter.  Sometimes, claiming to have restored or built a bike, you are allowed some poetic license for specialty services such as welding, powdercoating, paint, crank rebuilds and maybe a few more.  Kind of falls under the know your limits rule.

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