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David Vilallonga

Past winners of the British Trial Championship

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Sammy Miller (Ariel 1965-1969: Sammy Miller (Bultaco) 1970–1971: Gordon Farley (Montesa) 1972: Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco) 1973: Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) 1974: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1975: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1976: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1977: Rob Shepherd (Honda) 1978: Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) 1979: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1980: Martin Lampkin (SWM) 1981: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1982: Yrjo Vesterinen (Bultaco-FIN) 1983–1984: Steve Saunders (Armstrong) 1985–1986: Steve Saunders (Honda) 1987–1989: Steve Saunders (Fantic) 1990–1991: Steve Saunders (Beta) 1992: Steve Saunders (Aprilia) 1993: Steve Colley (Beta) 1994: Dougie Lampkin (Beta) 1995: Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 1996–1999: Dougie Lampkin (Beta) 2000: Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 2001: No Championship (Foot & Mouth) 2002: Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 2003: Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 2004: Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 2005–2008: Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 2009–2010: James Dabill (Gas Gas) 2011–2012: James Dabill (Beta) 2013: Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 2014: James Dabill (Beta) 2015–2016: James Dabill (Vertigo)

You will have to fill in the last few years yourself. I don't have a clue who it was

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Comprehensive answer

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Interesting to see Steve Saunders won it on 5 different manufactures bikes

James Dabill next on 4  makes. 

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