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montesa 25 wont start,has spark,timing is correct(2mmBTDC)has fuel

montesa 348 kick trouble

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anyone out there have an idea what im missing....Why the bike wont start....heres where its at....

the bike: 1974 montesa 25a      sintrifical clutch ,decompresion ,clutch depresser all good .....have spark(new plug),has fuel...carb very clean,with new float needle valve and fuel screen and gaskets..float sits as it should/parralel to body when held upside down,and is in excelent condition......bike has good compresion....timming and spark plug gap are set to factory specs.timming at 2-2.25mmBTDC     and plug gap between 0.016-0.018    one thing though....the plug gets wet with fuel and does not  egnite /fire the engine...i remove plug clean and dry,dry out combustion area ,try again and same thing happens..........i try starting with no choke or choke,same thing......i was thinking mabe the float valve seat could be pitted and alowing fuel past.........i still have to examine that....any ideas would be greatly apreciated....id like to get this bike going while my boys are still small enough to use it. 

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  • Andy changed the title to montesa 25 wont start,has spark,timing is correct(2mmBTDC)has fuel



The plug gap seems a bit close, why not the usual 25 thou.   Also if it's an old plug, it might spark out of the cylinder, but not when under compression.

Is it auto-decompressor..?


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