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Fat new guy Scorpa front disc question


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Fire up the engine, most times the rattle is more difficult to hear then.

If it really is a bother, add a slight bit of front brake as you ride,

Yes, my 2005 rattles a bit.  Could be wrong, but thought I saw in a parts book, O rings are used to lessen the noise.

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 Thanks for the input guys. I don’t notice it or hear it while riding. I was practicing balancing (unsuccessfully, I might add) in the shop last night and felt it. Reminded me of loose steering head bearings. As far as looking at another trials bike, I’m relatively sure I have the only one in the whole county! LOL!

i have a parts manual, I’ll look and see if they have anything different than what I’m running. I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer all my dumb questions!

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