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Homerlight Tank info wanted


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Hello Gentlemen, 

I am from the USA and I am seeking some information regarding the Homerlight tanks as fitted to your U.K. Sherpa T's. In the photo's below can you tell me what the differences in the right side panels are for. That is which tank fits what? The tank on the left has straight side panels and the one on the right has an outward bulge.


sincerely, Glenn Ranz aka Alpthusiast


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Wow fabulous to see those Homerlite tanks like that Glenn. Thankyou. They are very rare over here. Yes the 124/125 frame is the later style. The earlier style frame design (where the tank fits on) was 10,27,49,80 and part-way through 91/92. While the frame design change that happened during the production of the model 91/92 would probably have required changes to the tank/seat design, that bulge doesn't really fit the changes.

Maybe they did make tanks for the models with the horizontal muffler but I'm thinking there would have only been a very small market for it by the time Homerlite started making Sherpa T tanks. If anyone was still riding a M27 or M49 by then, surely they would have converted it to the sloping muffler arrangement (kit campeon).

Then again, maybe Bultaco were still selling Lobitos in the UK and Lobitos had horizontal mufflers up until about 1975


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Hi Glenn , are you sure its just not been tweaked , ive never seen a homerlight unit any different than the one on the right , I could be wrong but I think these 2 are the early paint design , the later ones had the silver swoop up and back ending in a point just in front of the fuel cap similar to the matador mk3/4 design 

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Hi, Glenn - 

As suggested by bult360, I think it's most likely that the tank with the bulge is a one-off user mod.

Homelite tanks were fitted to UK market bikes when fi-glass tanks were made illegal for road use - I think starting in late '73. This covered the range 124/125/150/151, which all shared the same frame. Presumably, the same regulations also applied to the Alpina - my '73 mod. 85 came to me in 1988 with a Homelite tank, albeit with non-standard paint (covering non-standard dents and filler/"bondo" !)  It has straight sides left and right.


Homelite tanks were also offered by Sammy Miller (and possibly others) as an after-market update along with his version of the Slimline fi-glass unit. 

Page from Miller's '73 caralogue :-


Hope this helps.


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