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Are people hanging to their trs.


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I rode a TRS 280 at the weekend and loved it, really made me think. Thanks Olly!

There are very few for sale second hand.  Are few being sold new or are people hanging on to them?

my thoughts on the 280.  I was amazed how easily it started, very impressed.  A big issue for me as I have trouble with this.  Lovely to ride, felt agile and loose in a good way, easy to turn and eager.  Way too much power for me, I could ride it but at my level not needed.  A good 250 might be in my garage soon!

Like many others I regularly look at other makes.

have ridden  mont 315. GasGas 125, beta 4t, beta 250 2t and currently a 260 4rt.  All different.  I ride low intermediate level

cheers folks

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BVM have two (250) for sale now.  I bought mine from John Lee and they had three (280) to choose from.  I wanted a Beta for the missus and found it much harder to source as everyone wants them, they come up for sale but sell quickly.

I bought the 280 as I couldn't get a 250 at the time and couldn't afford the one 250 that was up for sale.  It was a bit challenging at first (Rev 3 250 before) but I like it now and don't have any issue with the power.  To be fair the missus' Beta starts a lot easier.

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Getting to see a lot more TRS around now,most of them no more than a year old.Be a while before the owners will be looking to move them on.Every owner I know,me included,is very happy with them and not looking to change at the moment,

Regarding selling one,or any other fairly new bike is difficult unless you're prepared to take a lower price than most are advertised at.Bikes around the £2k mark move fairly easily £4K+is rather different 

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I'm on my second TRS, the first one i bought was 6 months old and i had it for a year and a half making it 2 years old. The only problem i had was the crankcase seal going in it. At the time i was getting a good deal on the 2018 TRS 300RR. So I decided to upgrade. Funny my old TRS was sold within a week of it getting fixed at the dealer. The new owner seems very happy with it. My 2018 TRS RR is now over a year old.

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