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Beta 80's

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Hi guys. Considering getting my Daughter a big wheel beta 80, from her OSET 24. 

There is very little info online I could see? 

I will probably purchase a new bike as I think we will keep it a while.

Are there any common faults/mods? Or are they good to go out of the box? 

Almost everyone seems to fit Ohlins shocks we have seen out and about, and a few with jitsie wheels also. 

She's at a decent level of riding, prob mid-low end of a clubman level. 

Thanks :)

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Our 16s great, wouldn't spend money on a shock unless your girls very light and the standards too stiff.

Think they come new with cheapo tyres and the rears not tubeless so that might be a no no.

Silencers easy damaged and the rear brake pedal is poor.

My boy's 14 5ft5 and 9 stone ish and I think it's spot on for him.

He wants a 125 but he can't boss the 80 enough for my liking and no way is it holding him back.

As I said great bike. 


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  • Great bike but some small things. Fit a mud flap it helps a big way for cleaning exhaust / rad., Carb overflow tubes too long for deep water cut back and reposition, ours had air lock in cooling system, luckily I was checking it every time out and noticed it, took 150 cc of coolant but all well now. I backed off rear shock pre-load completely. Small carb. needs checking for water after every ride. Screw type fuel tap needs opening tight to its stop, we had it vibrate towards closed causing reduced flow and a stop after a full throttle section, a couple of times until we realised.      All in all the list is nothing but may help with a new bike.
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Thanks so much for the replies

I purchased a 2018 big wheel from a friend the other day. It needs a couple of small jobs doing. Exhaust repack and a bent lever. Fine otherwise. 

The plan is let her ride it this year when we're practicing and on the occasional local club trials etc. At the end of the girls champs this year, move onto it. She can ride the OSET 24 for this year. Unless she really takes to the Beta but to be honest I cant see her been any different to most other kids in terms of transition time.

One thing, the last owner also mentioned that the carb must be cleaned after every single use. That's a bit of a pain in the a*** isnt it. There's no drain plug and he said it always has some water in. Is this a case of he's washed it and not blocked up the air inlet. Or does dirt get in somewhere else. Failing that as it's a ktm engine, will a ktm carb fit. We owned a 65 for a year or so and had no carburation issues at all. I think I cleaned it twice while I was in there anyway swopping brass 

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I do have to clean it now and then but certainly not every ride. Be careful with the pressure washer at the seat area but that's just common sense.

Make sure the tube between the air box and the carb is clean as water lies in the ridges so maybe the lad that sold you the bike doesn't do this?

While I'm on I've had probs with the throttle cable, I feel the spring in the slide is too long and becomes distorted ,and rubs the inner cable, I've replaced 3, I've now shortened the spring with no issues.

Also I run it very lean on oil 50ml to 4 L because if I don't it dribbles everywhere from the lower silencer joint , you'll see how oily it is when you repack it.

All the best.

PS Make sure you ALWAYS turn the fuel of when not in use, the crankcase stuffers can swell if it floods and cause havoc. 



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