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TLM 50 Fork oil capaicity

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can anyone tell me the capicity of the TLM 50 forks please. just going through a complete rebuild

Daz NZ

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TLM 50 front fork oil.....use this data at your own discretion. 

With the forks completely drained use 130 -140 cc of fork oil ( the higher the grade the more resistance offered so take care...possibly a 10 grade to start with but it also depends upon your weight) thats 4.4 - 4.7 fl.oz.

If you have too much oil in the fork leg it will force its way out passed the oil seal and make a real mess, too little and rapid wear may take place.

Some people prefer to measure the oil level as the internal components are not always identical and differences can be quite a bit with just quantity added. Blatshop show how this is done provided you have the tech info, i.e. the measurement.

Your TLM is a proper trials bike and many have taken the bore out to 60 + cc even using other parts to bring it up to 100 cc with carb mods to suit. The original exhaust was very special in that at low revs it gave the little engine extra grunt for section work. 
Look after it and keep it standard, you are the custodian of a fairly rare bike the likes of which got many a top trials rider started on the wobbly sport.👍

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