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Which bike? Sherco, Scorpa, Trs


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I want to purchase a new bike what's the best choise?

- Scorpa twenty factory 2016

- Sherco racing 2018

- Trs raga racing 2017

All are 250cc models in the same price range and great conditions

Ride them all for 30 min can't choise..


Greetz Clan



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Only my opinion but... 

If that list is the only bikes I got to pick from I would go with the 2017 TRS.  I don't know if that one comes with the curved pegs or not but if it dose I would also swap it to standard pegs ASAP as one of the two TRS bikes I have been on had the curved and I really didn't get along with them well.  

Good luck.  :thumbup:

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My goodness this is a TRS love fest ?

As I have a 2017 TRS 280 I suppose I should join in.   My observation is that a 30 minute ride is not enough and you probably need to ride a bike for 20 hours or more before you can really say if you like it or not.  I like my TRS but I have never had anything to do with the other bikes (only Beta) so they might be as good or even better.  That said the TRS is a very popular bike and so if you want to sell it in a few months if you really don't like it then that should be easy.  (My wife's Beta is also a good bike and I really like it but the brakes are not as good as on the TRS. )

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Is there really a "bad" choice?  As a new person in the sport I am a keen viewer of lots of You Tube training videos and I also like the X Trial and championships too.  All the different bikes are clearly capable of more than I am.  My club has a wide range of different bikes and riders and most of them seem better than me no matter what brand of bike.  The push bike blokes that fill in on the X Trial look rather better than I think is possible for an oldie like me and they have no engine!


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