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Battery vehicles are not really the solution for most vehicles. Imagine every household in the country (including blocks of flats with difficult parking) all with power cables charging every vehicle, every night. The national grid cannot support this and cannot be upgraded realistically in time..Hydrogen fuel cells are the way forwards.

Lighter than batteries, around 5- 10 times the range - and can be filled up just like petrol via the existing petrol station network. All the large multinationals are already well on the road with this, mainly being lead by the Japanese and the likes of Toyota. JCB are heavily invested in ITM power in Sheffield. Amazon are leading the way in the states with hydrogen fuel cells in delivery vans - not batteries.

Not heard of much on the bike front yet though.


Checkout Ceres power, ITM Power, AFC energy, Proton Power systems and Plug power in the states. Plug power have very neat working fuel cells (piccies on website - and are working with Amazon and three or four other major couriers.

Pity that the governments in the UK, Europe and the USA seem to be technically ignorant.


Whilst on my soap box, Worcester Bosch already have a domestic boiler that will run on Hydrogen, and hydrogen can be pumped through the existing gas mains network.

When someone finds a clean efficient way to extract hydrogen from seawater all will be well.... 


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On 2/4/2020 at 4:38 PM, rr62 said:

No new petrol or diesel cars in Old Blighty from 2035. Assume this will apply to bikes too?

And then this TY pic pops up on my Instagram feed...nice!


Doesnt appy to motorcycles just cars. Doesnt apply to exisisting vehicles only new.

I would be more than happy just to be riding in 2035.................

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Dont worry, wont happen anyway just a green 'box ticking' exercise

Car manufacturers have spent billions on hybrid tech, not a hope they'll walk way from combustion engines. Governments will blame lack of infrastructure - charging points, hydrogen stations etc but reality is manufacturers and their £££ talks   


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