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280 Piston


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6 hours ago, dozerash said:

 Anyone have a good source for the 280 pistons? I’m going to rebuild my 1982 TL320 and  will probably need a oversized piston. Heard you can use 583 Ski Doo or Sea Doo pistons. I definitely want a two ring piston.

I wouldn't discount single dykes ring piston, ran one for many years in a 240 Rotax.

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On 2/14/2020 at 2:32 PM, b40rt said:

Share the wisdom, what's the problem with a single ring piston ?

 I was told the double ring piston last longer. Performance wise I would think you would get quicker revs from a single ring piston. From what I’ve seen trials and enduro engines Usually have double ring pistons, motocross bikes have the single ring.

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In the US, you not only have Skidoo's and Seadoos's to choose from but Rotax makes motors used in Ultralites. The pistons are original Elko's only thing you have to get sorted is the needle roller cage as they need to be wider. OEM does not use a cage but free floating rollers with thrust washers. I have used MZ 250ST cages so far with no problems encountered.

The other problem is, they are either red or green dot parts and are a bit more expensive. That said, anything you now buy from the UK is subject to all sorts of taxes so it could be a swings and roundabout thing.

Which way you choose to go is your choice of course but with some searching and using such forums, there are alternatives available.

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