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2008 txt pro 125 fan needs a flick to get going!

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Hey guys!

First post here.. The boys txt pro 125 was spitting coolant a bit today! Fan wasn't running, so I gave the fan a flick and off she goes! Ran as it should. We did a few stops/starts to see if the fan would initiate on its own, and it did about 50% of the time and the other 50% a small flick got the fan running right away. I put 12v to the fan, and it wouldn't start on its own every time.. But a flick gets er goin every time. Seems the thermostat works, and when you get the fan going it spins nice and quick. The fan does have a little noise to it when trying to start though.

Am I correct in thinking the fan is packing it in? 


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Yes. You need a new fan. One or more of the windings will have become open circuit thereby rendering that part of the armature useless, flicking the fan blades takes the armature to the next good section.. Bye, Peter B.

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