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Michelin or IRC


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Heard of people having issues with Michelin staying  on rim at low pressures. Used them on a Fantic and heavy c15 without issue so maybe certain rims. (Mine both akront). I’ve now got IRC and they have been great, to be honest I can’t say I notice any difference in grip without having two sets of wheels to try on same sections.  IRC seem more popular with tubes and I’ll be sticking with them on old bikes and Michelin on new

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10 minutes ago, splatered stu said:

i bet irc's are fine..but for how often they get replaced and the the added advantage of superior traction the Michelins are worth the extra few bucks.lots .of people sat the Dunlops are good but after changing one out for a Michelin and seeing the vast improvement in both traction and feel i am sold and will never buy another trials tire other than a Micheline.they seem to make the bike feel more stable when stopped and hook up better than any thing i have seen available.i was once conned into saving a bunch of money on chinese trials tires and it changed my bike into a piece of garbage,,less traction,less hook up,less tactile feel,tires,bars,pegs and controls make all the difference on a bike...a crappy bike with these things in place can feel great yet an awesome bike with bad bars,tires,pegs and controls can feel like a heap of dung.

Are Michelin X 11's available in Canada, or just X lites?

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9 hours ago, feetupfun said:

People (including me) fit Tubeless X11 Michelins on Tube Type rims.

I know that, ive done it myself. I wanted to know what the OP was going to use. Some people can still source NOS Michelin Tube tyres. Only tyre ive ever had come off the rim was a michelin tubeless front

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Im in NZ and im finding it difficult to find an IRC dealer. Im in the motorcycle trade and I have got a supplier of Michelin and also Shinko.


Does anyone have any experience with the Shinko brand as they are considerably cheaper the Michelin?

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Hi, I tried a set of Shinko's on my SWM TLNW 125. Went to a trial which was wet and muddy and decided after the first section that the tyres needed to go. The front just loaded up and worked like a slick. Shinko's are probably ok for a field bike or if you are content at being last in class in a competition.

I went for a set of Golden Tyre Gekko's. I found them really good and when I got my TLNW 320 rebuilt, wanted a set for it too. The tyres were removed from the market though and I went for a set of IRC's. They are great tyres for me in all conditions. I can't comment on Michelin's as I've never had any on one of my bikes (yet).


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