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My new 2020 250 Fajardo replica 250cc


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So I picked up my new bike 2020 Farjardo st 250 on Friday and I have spent the weekend riding on it. I was initially going to go for factory Beta 250 but due to shipping restrictions it didn’t work out, so I was a little hesitant going sherco over beta but I went ahead as I am happy with the 125 st I have for my 13 years old lad. 
so my thoughts after weekend are that I couldn’t be happier with my decision the bike is fantastic in every way. Suspension is superb compared to my 2018 Bet Evo 250 and the bike feels must lighter. Quiet a difference between the two ride modes which was good could as I could never tell the difference on the beta as to which mode I was in! The kit on the bike is really well specced and the build quality is very good. I am also surprised at the cost of oem spares for sherco compared to Beta they are way cheaper. Example rear mud guard while shorted than beta is €40 with graphics rather than €150!! Extremely happy with this purchase and I can highly recommend to anyone considering one, if you have any questions about the bike just ask.






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