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New 2018 4RT - dimpled clutch plates?


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I've a new 2018 4RT coming in a week.

Does anyone know if the stock clutch plates on the newer bikes are now dimpled, or is that still only aftermarket? They weren't on my 2015, and there was a noticeable difference when I upgraded. If need be, I'd like to order them up and have them ready to install during the first fluid change.

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Never tried dimpled plates but never had an issue with the std clutch set up.

every newer model seems better than previous so you may find 2018 is ok but not sure if any parts are changed.

300rr has a different combination of plates to the 260s

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As I understand it the new bikes still are standard plates and dimpled are aftermarket only. 

Edit: The part number on my 07 match with the part number for the 2018 260, so ya... not dimpled.  22321-MG3-000

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