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Is this Forum actually about Trials?

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14 hours ago, OregonComrade said:

Not many here with an interest in trials?  Wait, what!

I think the whole x-trial thing is a detriment on a whole TBH, like everything else, it's gotten so extreme people can't relate, I think that's a fatal blow to sports on a whole.  Exchanging ability to relate for excitement is a slippery slope.   Kind like the 'motocross' thing...I had a convo with folks at work were going to watch 'motocross' they actually meant the Travis Pastrana freestyle show....had nothing to do with actual motocross racing, tried explaining this to them, but gave up...double back flips, front flips and whatever else they do these days is much more interesting than watching guys rip around a track.  Back in the 70's and 80's local motocross was huge, tracks were not crazy and were approachable, but that slowly died out to the big pro events with crazy tracks and huge jumps but even the pro moto events like the one I go to yearly, Washougal, it's not quite like it was even 10 years ago....nobody is doing backflips, so the average person is not interested.

You are looking at it from the point of view of a participant.  This is a trials forum, my comment was perhaps not clear - not many people out of the whole population, not those of us on here.

The "average person" is not interested in motocross.  They are not interested in trials.  They are not interested in football (American or soccer).  They are not interested in walking further than their car.  The "average person" in the US (and the UK) is obese, lazy and a waste of space.  But hey, that is the world.  And we live in it.  So the issue of discussion is whether we - the "interested in trials" person are interested in watching other people having fun doing what we like to do for ourselves.  The answer for me is only if they are amazing.  I might watch some "motocross" if it is amazing but I have no interest in doing it.

Events to watch are a spectacle.  Things you do yourself are participatory.  Trials (well for me anyway) is participatory not spectacular.  X-Trial is spectacular not participatory.

This forum is about trials.  Not going to watch it, but taking part in it.  How to fix your bike or improve your technique.  Well that is what it is about for me.  To answer the OP question.

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One great thing about the people of the world is that we are all different. Some people like participating, some like officiating, some like spectating, some like organizing and promoting, and lots of people have no interest at all. It can also depend on how a person is feeling on any given day. I read some place that most people really only have time for 3 things 1-family/friends, 2-work, 3-one hobby (maybe not in that order) . I don't really agree and usually have 3 or 4 hobbies on the go but it is something to think about. Most days I check out this forum and ADV rider a few trials blogs and numerous facebook trials related sites. I have an email list with about 80 people on it that I send updates about local trials events and I never see any of them responding to things on forums (they may be just out there spectating the conversations) and of the 80 I am happy if 20 show up for any given event. Everyone has there own interests its just nice that we have a place to share our thoughts and opinions (if we want to) about a very niche sport we all enjoy in our own ways .

Morning ramble over  ?

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