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2017 txt 250 carb


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My new to me 2017 gasser carb looks like someone had been messing with it. Tried searching google for correct settings and set floats according to splat shop website.

Does anyone have the factory settings for a keihin pwk 28 gasser 250 carb?

Mines 45 pilot, 125 main, 3.5 slide and jjh needle on middle clip (was on 2nd) mix screw 2 turns out.


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I posted a similar request for info back on 15th June 2019 relating to my Gasgas 250GP that has the same carb.

Go into Forums and search ‘Gasgas 250GP carb settings’ and it is on about page 6 of the search or trawl back to June 15.

My bike works beautifully now, good luck.

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Read your post and tbh it looks like it was set up right apart from the float height which in my opinion was too high. Ive set the needle clip in the middle but am i right in saying the air screw is only 1 turn out on yours?

Out on fri so will see if its made a difference 


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