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Hello from Sacramento California, USA

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Name's Justin, I'm from Sacramento, CA. USA.

Got a bit of the quarantine blues, and I saw a 2000 Beta 270 on-line, and figured "well that's not the dumbest thing I've ever done"


It's an older bike, but it was a great deal and she runs great!  Just needs a rear fender and looks like the fork seals (inverted forks) are leaking a bit, which I'm pretty sure is leaking on the front brakes (they aren't as grabby as I imagined).


I've been riding trails for about 15 years on a 2003 DRZ250, but that doesn't hold be back from keeping up (or passing) the big bikes. I used to compete in bike trials, downhill, and XC way back in college.  Looking mostly to just goof around on the Beta, increase my technical trail skills, and as my wife says: hurt myself.  The 270 is *definitely* more of a beast than my DRZ, so she's going to take some getting used to. As you can tell, I'm not one to jump on the latest and greatest technology with dirtbikes.  I seem to do okay with my oldies but goodies.Also, I'm cheap, so spending 8-10 grand on a bike is a tough pill to swallow! 


Anyhoo, there's a local trials club in Sacramento I'll probably be hitting up, but I always love the on-line forum community. 


This is how I brought her home (just today in fact)




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8 hours ago, petert said:

P.I.T.S is the Nor Cal trials club


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