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Mar Gasket and Rear Brake

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Hello again,


Some more questions if you guys don’t mind.. 

I’ve got the manual and I’ve searched the forum but am still unsure about a couple of things. 

Firstly I’ve got an MK1 ( I think) with MK1 engine ( number M -342454)

I’ve found the gasket and seal kit on the inmotion website but it only shows one set / option for a MAR 250 with no reference to production years. Are all 250 mar engines identical? 

I could be totally wrong but I seem to remember seeing reference to a smaller crank on the early MAR on a US website.Just wanted to double check before ordering . 

Im also a bit confused on the rear brake cable routing.. the manual I have isn't clear to me and because Im building this from bits in a box I can’t work it out. I’ve never actually seen a complete ossa in the flesh 

All the components on the shaft attached to the brake pedal were already in place out of the box I got it in.  But when I installed the shaft it would have resulted in the cable being pushed rather than pulled by depressing the brake pedal. Unless I routed the cable over the top of the swing arm and through what seemed a really tight angle which just didn’t seem right .


I took the front cable attachment  ( circled in pic ) off and turned it 180 degrees so it pointed upwards  while Installed ( pic 2 ) .

That would have the cable pulling in a natural sense but results in the brake pedal pointing down way too much before being depressed . What way should it be configured? 

Any way I’ve tried seems wrong. I might just be being stupid , maybe I’m missing parts . Both equally possible! 

Thanks Scott 








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This set up is correct the cable inner wire pear nipples hooks into the bracket on the frame then when the pedal is depressed the lever on the brake pedal shaft moves rearward pushing the outer toward the back of the bike.

Because the outer is anchored on the brake plate this movement transfers to a pull of the inner cable which applies the brake. 






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I’m kicking myself now... ? seems so obvious when it’s pointed out to you 

Thanks for the help! 



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The centre gasket is the same for all of the MARs, they just removed some material from the casing surface to accommodate the bigger crank, the stud spacing is the same

Your brake cable looks like a MK2 version which is a bit longer than a MK1 cable although it will still work. Rear wheel also looks like a MK2

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