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kukosan wiring jtx270

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HI , apologies for the long story!  couple of issues i think maybe related.  i have searched but cant find the answers to get to the root,

1996 jtx 270- (kukosan wiring)- few electrical issues that i was looking to try rectify!  first off bike had no accessory ie horn light working- but noticed on idle when hot the fan would kick in and out as you would expect, checking the ac voltage supply (yellow from stator) i had 14.5 ac on idle but on full throttle i had 87 volts  so firstly i replaced voltage regulator (L30031 oem ) with an ebay purchase , this seemed to steady output and i was able to get lights working all though flickering with revs as you would accept.

i then brought bike for a run but noticed lights stopped working after a while of driving so i just thought a connection may have been loose when i put back together- but when i started up from cold following day lights came on again as before-   but what i'm afraid of now is if  my lights stop working then how well is the fan performing? if voltage is dropping in light circuit which is direct from stator via reg is it dropping for fan circuit also?  as every now and again it might shoot coolant out in a spit as if boiling, hard to keep watching fan to check once im on the move.

regulator gets very hot very fast when bike is running which brings me to blame this breaking down when hot and dumping voltage or my stator is overloading the voltage reg.  

can i update the whole system with a new modern full wave voltage regulator rectifier?  what would i need to do?  this way i could feed lights with dc voltage also and fan system would be fed 12volts dc as needed? 

anyone know the voltage ac that i should be getting from yellow wire from stator on idle and full throttle? 

should i replace stator only and check, as its an older bike parts are tough and slow to come by so an update would be a long term solution if anyone can point the right way. 



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I suspect that you have a ground fault in your lighting system.  Disconnect all of your lighting, then take the bike for a ride. If everything works as it should you will know that your issue is with some part of your lighting circuit.

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Correct! Ish!! Thanks reggie- meant to update - stripped out all the wiring for lights and re-covered the loom but still happened. Took connections of thermostat and corner of one of the insulated connections had worn were it rubs against chassis! New connections and moved thermostat away from frame and perfect . Went on a ride tonight and 100%. 

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