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I have two other bikes with Bing carburettors that perform perfectly.

my 350 Alpina (1977) however has always been a trifle fluffy on low throttle openings. 

I have just fitted new needle and jet as part of a service and the needle clip was in the lowest groove, 

what is the recommend position or is it just suck it and see. 


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Second grove counted from the top or second lowest / leanest adjusting of the needle is standard or normally a good start if you are on or near sea level.

Then do some rides a half km or so at a bit up hill with 3/4 throttle if the engine doesn't sound lean, return slow or with clutch or without gear downhill.

After that control the new or cleaned plug for coloration, brown is OK black or wet is to rich and whitish is to lean. 

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