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Using waterbased Tfr spray to clean bike down a good idea or not?


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Transport film remover is quite a strong cleaning liquid, a friend of mine uses it on his buses and coaches...its good at getting the crap off seats and paintwork after the school runs, and what the general public do on buses (you wouldn’t believe it how about taking a dump between the seat rows all caught on CCTV)...pre Covid! Leave it on undiluted for too long and it attacks paint so include stickers/decals etc. Some time back at a Yamaha Dealers I watched as a rider who had been loaned a test bike liberally covered his ride with TFR went off for a fag and coffee. When he returned and pressure washed the bike the engine cases were stained and blotchy, the wheel rims didn’t fair any better, it would have been better if he had left the bike dirty!

Plain water and a softish brush with gentle use of a pressure washer...if you must but a garden hose with a variable nozzle is best at keeping those parts on the bike that can flit off with a sudden 120+ psi blast.

I also know that TFR in the screen wash of a car will stain the paint on and around the wash jets and where ever the liquid runs...If you have access to some for free I would leave it alone...car wash n wax is good at softening baked on mud etc.

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 TFR is pretty strong stuff, not for your pride & joy IMHO. 

The drill is :  Plug up the holes in exhaust/ airbox.

                    Power wash bike, to get the worst off. (don't go daft , or you'll have no stickers left on it,

                    Spray on proper bike cleaner, ( several types around), & use a paint brush to work it into the nooks & crannies & where the chain has thrown up oily deposits,.

                    Break out the bucket of hot water / washing up liquid  &  give it a good clean using soft car brush & a babys bottle cleaning brush to get into the awkward bits. (You can get purpose made bike cleaning brushes too.)

                    Don't forget to lie bike on its side for a quick clean underneath, you'll be amazed what you've missed. 

                    Final rinse with power washer.

                    Blow all water off with air blower. (Your DIY do it all Vac cleaner can usually be reversed to blow by swapping the hose to the vent port.)

                    Final spray with water displacing fluid, duck oil, etc.

                    Airbox / filter/ chain/ carb/ brakes / maint still to be done.


                   Here's another tip. : Wheel bearings don't last 5 minutes if you are in the water every week, (well, in the UK they don't). They are supposed to be sealed & greased, but in reality they don't have much in them. 

                  So...... While bearings are still quite new, pick off the outer bearing seal with a stanley knife blade. Easy to to. Pack bearings properly with some marine/ waterproof grease.  Push seal back on. Bearings now have a fighting chance.

                   Dried out,  fully Gingered up rumblers only fit for the bin though.     








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I spent a weekend re-polishing a 4rt engine case’s and tank after a ‘mate’ did me a favour and sprayed neat TRF while we waited for our turn at the bike wash! 
I just use hot soapy water and various sized kitchen pan brushes and a tooth brush to clean...Luckily we can hose wash off the lumps at the practice woods so I can avoid power washing at home..

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I've used this on my enduro and trials bikes for years. Enduro bikes pick up way more mud than the trials bike.  

Power wash off the worst of the mud. Spray this on. Leave it as long as you have patience (unload the van, wash your boots etc.) Then rinse it off. Leaves the bike spotless with no brushing or any other effort. I sometimes use my hand to rub the plastics where the mud has been ground in but that's it. 


Pro-Green MX

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Remember TFR is a De-Greaser, and there are not many places on your bike that get greased up.   I have been brushing diesel to soften greasy areas around the chain, then a squirt of TFR (wait 30 seconds.) then pressure wash the area.   Some TFRs have wax in them, as do some shampoos, which should leave a shiney surface.


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