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Cota 247 Oil Leak at Clutch Actuator


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The 247 persists leaking ATF when running - fluid is leaking through the underslung clutch actuator pivot, where the arm meets the engine case (it's an early model).

Anyone able to shed light on what type of seal is needed before I pull it apart... just hoping to save time and order the necessary before starting the job?

Thanks again, in advance.



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My Cota hated ATF, more false neutrals than gears and jumping out constantly.   I run the recommended gear oil which I think is 80W 90 and usually just the occasional jump between first and second.

IMO ATF is too thin and may explain the leaky seal

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Thanks Keychange... y'know, I did wonder whether ATF would work for the 247. I've used it in everything else (315, Jota Gas, 4-Ride, etc), with great success, but it could be asking a little much of the seals and mating surfaces of a near 50 year old bike to work with something so thin.

There again, others seem to get away with it. I guess I need to fix the leak, then finally, ride the bike... its only been 3 years without turning a wheel, but at least it starts first kick now and settles into a lovely raspy idle.

Thanks for the help.




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I was thinking of using ATF but i ended up using Motul 10W 30 transoil in the clutch housing 200ml and in the gearbox i used Motul 75W/90 gear oil 300ml. I have the later Cota 247 with the clutch actuator arm on the top of the engine case. Neutral is a bit hard to find and the clutch drags very slightly but i suspect the brass pad is worn that the clutch actuator pushes on so i will look at that next  time i have the case off.

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