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Mick Andrews Trials team

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Does anyone remember in the early 70's when the TY 250 A model came out Mick Andrews organised a TY 250 for Pete Oakley and a couple of other riders. They sported some stickers with the riders names, the Yamaha tuning fork logo and Mick Andrews trials team. Ideally I'd like an image as I want one to complete a period restoration. Can anyone help please?

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Thanks for that feet up fun. I've got two of those in my collection. I don't know if it was a local thing because I remember when Pete Oakley rode his TY 250 A at a Sutton Falcons trial at Teversal he let me have a go on it and I couldn't believe what a game changer it was. I remember the sticker was on it then. Just wish I could remember the names of the other two riders in the team ? Someone else must remember it's only 45 years ago ?

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have a word with john shirt jnr, as his father was micks partner when doing the majesty bikes. He's a great guy and top competitor, get in touch through gas gas uk, the lads and ladies there are also very knowledgeable, send them a mail as they can be very busy.


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