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198A Wheel Rim Offset anyone please?

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Can anyone supply original spec figures for wheel rim offset for my 198A - not in the manuals as far as I can see? I loosely built up the rear wheel yesterday and couldn't get near the offset I'd measured before I stripped them down, but if the rest of the bike is anything to go by nothing has been very stock!

Wheels are Akront 21" 1.6 - 36T-581 and WM2-1.85" 36-TR-11-78, hubs concentric, new spokes from InMotion and are the same lengths as originals etc. so all stock as far as I can make out.

It could be my lacing at this was a first attempt, but I (thought) I'd done it OK!


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From behind looking forwards

What I believe is original 199A rear wheel

67mm is outside WM2 rim

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Thanks Carl, sounds about right. I rang InMotion who confirmed it should be:


  • Brake Side = 40mm
  • Flange = 35mm


  • Brake Side = 15mm
  • Flange = 32mm

So my wheels were pretty close.

I'm going to drop them off with a wheel builder this week, just to be on the safe side!



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Hi Jon,

          Just took my bare wheels out of the frame. I need to take them back to the builder for some fine tuning !!

I have measured the offset on both wheels. And took into account my fine tuning requirements.

Both are measured from the edge of either the brake drum or the face of the sprocket mount.

Front is 15mm

Rear is 38mm

I have measured the adjustment need by measuring the rims in the frame from the inner edge of the swing arm and the inner edge of the front forks.

The discepancy in the measuremnts I took was due to the poor state of the wheels to start with.

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