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Gear Selector spring

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HI Guys

I have a Beta Evo 300 4t 2011

I have been having an issue with the gear selector.

When I shift up a gear the selector sticks at the top and doesn't move down unless i give it a tap.

I have moved the selector with my hand and there is no resistance when pushing it up and only gravity pulling it back down to a neutral position. If I push the selector down the spring seems push's it back up.

Could a broken arm on the spring be causing this? If so how hard is it to replace?



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I had some issue with changing gears a few years ago. It turned out to be a broken spring. Was not expensive

To see the gear selector mechanism you have to remove the clutch and clutch basket.

I think you need a special tool to hold the clutch hub when removing the centre nut


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I got my clutch basket off my 2016 300 4t the other day, didn't have a special tool, just some heat on the center nut and a quick brap with an electric impact.  The little wheel/lever that holds the shifter on the drum was starting to degenerate.  Replaced it with a new Beta part, funny thing was the new part was a mirror image of the old part, (someone made them backwards at the factory) just installed it upside down after filling a small notch for the spring. Works perfect now, just wondering where those 3 small loose ball bearings went?

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Got it all Sorted now!

Thanks for the help

I took the drain plug off to prepare it for disassembly and found the spring arm attached to it....

Ended up having to take the entire side case off. got the selector shaft off and swapped the spring.

Should be all good now.




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