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Beta Evo Clutch Master Replacement compatibility

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Hi, New here.  Tech question.  I broke the piece holding my clutch lever in on the weekend, so replacement needed (currently held in place with zip ties and electricians tape LOL)  I can't seem to find any info on the web so I am either searching for the wrong thing or it's just a standard sizing in this sport (coming from mountain biking where every brand has a different "standard" so not a lot of cross compatibility) .  But I want to make sure that the replacement will just "plug and play".  is there any banjo sizing compatibility that I should be aware of?  

From what I can tell the Beta's come with the Grimeca clutch master, but can't find info on the hose connector type. 

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Talk to Bob at Mountain Motorcycle, he will know for sure and have the part in stock as well.

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