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What size elbow guards.


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Having chunky biceps has put me in a bit of a head spin as to what's best and sizing. I have searched the posts on here going back as far as 2014 trying to find a pair that'll fit the bill. My biceps are 35.5cm relaxed, and that's measured 5cm up from my inner elbow. Who makes elbow guards that fit the bigger arms? I've heard many good reports about Jitsie elbow guards, but fear they won't stretch enough for my biceps or forearm. Their sizing chart rates them stretched at what my arms are relaxed. As I don't live anywhere near a dealer I could try them on, even after lockdown has ended. My only option is to buy online. I would really appreciate some advice on sizing from people with bigger arms than an Italian model. My arms are modelled more like Popeye. 

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I have a pair of Thor brand Enduro / MX elbow pads that only attach to my forearms (biceps are then covered by part of my body armour), and some skate bowl ones that are simple neoprene sleeves that stretch a lot, with padded caps on the elbow joint, which provide much more protection to a smaller area.  The third type of elbow protection in my arsenal is the CE armour built into most of my bike jackets.

I can't say I've ever worn any of them while riding trials, though - if I feel like being careful I might cover my arms but that's about it.

I bet the Thor Enduro / MX pads (or similar) could be found in your size if you need protection there, Americans come in large sizes

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Leatt Elbow Guards


I've got these in XXL and have very similar sized biceps although my forearms are not massive. The sizing is very accurate. Also, they are cheap in that link above. I think I paid £50 for mine and although that seems very expensive, I'd buy them again tomorrow if I had to. I wear them every ride and have given them some good knocks. I particularly like the hard plastic cups because it saves you from rocks nicely.  

You don't notice they are on when wearing them. After a few rides, they will need washing as the cuff gets a bit looser. But once washed, they spring back to shape. I find a bit of water/sweat will hold the silicone strip to the arm. The only time they have slipped down was when completely dry and stretched from being worn too many times. 

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I have the jitsie protection, the knee pads are pretty good but at 18 stone I find the top of the elbow pads tight. Okay if you manage to keep arms relatively straight bur tourniquet effect if not, shame because they are a very good compromise between protection and bulk. 

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