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Questions on 1975 Kawasaki KT 250


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I will be restoring a 75 KT 250. For those out there who have restored these bikes, who do you recommend for good used parts? Also on the left handlebar switch which is broken, it has provisions for a turn signal switch. Did these bikes come with turn signals? There are none on this one now. Appreciate any help. Mark

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There's not a lot out there that I'm aware of, Robert Cochrane in New Zealand has some bits, his site as follows...........  https://kawasakikt.tripod.com/FREDKT.html


Google searches of "KT parts" will often take you to someone on ebay that has bits for sale, if you know the Kawasaki part # of what it is you want, type that into google and see what comes up.

A couple of places that 'might' have some NOS are.........     https://vintagekawasaki.com/webshop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=46_426     https://www.ebay.com/str/MachIVMotors/NOS-Kawasaki/_i.html?_pgn=73&rt=nc&_storecat=4738823015  

Our Australian KT's did not have turn indicators, blinkers as we like to call them, here's a picture of the blanked off switch block on my '76 KT.



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Thank you for the valuable info. I could repair my original switch if I had a switch knob for the dimmer switch. If you know of anyone who has a knob, please let me know. I also need grips. There was a left side grip listed on E-Bay, but no throttle. Again any help there would be appreciated. Mark

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