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montesa 200 frame - straight or bent?


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Hi, I recently bought a Montesa 200 frame for a project and now that i look at it closely i am not sure if one of the downtubes is bent or it is meant to have a kink in it to allow exhaust routing or similar, its the right hand tube,  Could any with more knowledge offer some advice, cheers Ian

montesa 200.jpg

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Put a trolley jack in between the two downtubes, heat up the bent one and it will straighten quite easily. To check if the frame is out of line set on a stand and use a spirit level to get the swinging arm arm spindle level, then check that the forks are vertical. My gut feel is that it will be ok.

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Hi, I just saw this. Did you get any further with this project? I too have most of an extra Ducati 160 and thought of building a trials bike with it but the sump would dictate mounting the engine quite high. I'm curious to see what you've come up with.


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