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90 degree grinder for porting ?

kevin j

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Questions, angle grinder for port modifications.


-I have modified several 2 stroke cylinders with Dremels with decent results, but never upper transfers because I don't have a small enough angle grinder.

-I have a trials motorcycle engine TY250 Mono with 68 mm bore that I would like to work on the upper transfers. My 90 degree 1/4 inch angle grinder is too big.

-I can't afford a Foredom cable operated with the assorted heads.

-If I have to buy something, I'd like to be able to do saw cylinders as small as the 026 44 mm bore.

-What is out there that could do a 44 mm bore? I can do electric or air. The low speed dental heads are cheap, but the drive portion is spendy. Are they terribly slow on metal removal? This would not be a business, and I have more time than money. I would hire it out, but it's not an easy option here.


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