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Ozo shocks top bushings changed from 12mm to 15 mm


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Ozo shocks come stock with 12mm mountings top and bottom.  How the hell do I change the bushings out for the top mounts on my mar. They are 15mm   I’ve tried to contact PMK   He’s done it. But I don’t know my way around this site yet.  I wrote him all about it but the message wouldn’t send.  It said someone else had my email address.  Holly crap! So frustrating 

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58 minutes ago, stan wellback said:

The shock mounts on an Ossa MAR are 12mm. you have the inner sleeve of an old shock corroded to the frame. hope you have not just painted it , it may need heat to remove it.

My OSSA also has the top mount larger than the bottom and it doesn't have an old sleeve still there

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problem solved!   tools used,4 1/2 '' angle grinder with grinding disk,dremel with tiny griding disk,flat chain saw file and micrometer....first i ground two oposite sides to 12mm nice an parallel to each other getting as close as i could to the shoulder without touching it.then the other two sides.then ground the corners to 12mm...then rounded it with a flat chainsaw file ..touching up the bottom bit with the little dremal grinding disc..now i have 12mm shock mounts top and bottom...only took about an hour each..

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