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New style rear disc guard fit older bikes?


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I have a 2017 txt 250 and been searching for a rear disc guard but they seem to be on back order everywhere. It does NOT look like the new style disc guard will bolt up. Anyone know the bare minimum components I would need to buy to make it fit?

The old part # is BT57050R3009


The new part # is BT57050GG-CPR-1



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I had an older ‘05 gas gas pro and that ‘old’ disc guard looks the same as mine was, albeit black where mine was silver. The ‘new’ one just looks completely wrong, more like the chain/sprocket guard for the other side of the swing arm, but clearly wrong hand for that. Could the photo have been mirrored somehow and some other confusion with part numbers and or photos ? All seems very strange.

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Hey Feets, well the top photo (stock part) is showing backwards above so I probably should have found a better example :)  I called a vendor today who has a '14 and '21 in his shop so he is going to try to look and see if the newer style guard will bolt up to the old style mount. I'll post a solution assuming I find one. Apparently KTM has no interest in supplying "legacy" parts so it will be interesting to see how availability of older parts goes next few years. 

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