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Probably well covered elsewhere but any quick recommendations for what tyres (tubed) I should put on my 1976 TY175 without breaking the bank? It’s got MT43s which are in good condition but quite hard (so I guess a bit old - on before I bought it) and have zero grip in anything slippery.

I don’t want to spend too much as only ride it once a month up/down the drive and then maybe two or three times a year in easy comps.

Thanks for any advice.

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Im currently running a tube in my new dunlop 803GP tires, front and back. Im only doing so since the previous owner had tube in the back. So far, so good? I have had them on for a month now. Tires are so much better than the stock 9 year old ones!

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5 hours ago, motovita said:

 MT43 is a horrible choice for your 175. You will feel like you've got a new bike!

Yep. Absolutely terrible. Alas, they were on the bike when I bought it three years ago. I rode one twin shock trial in the dry which was fine. And then a muddy trial in the twinshock class and it was a nightmare - spinning out on everything.  I had a TY175 back in 1981 which I used as my road bike to get around locally on and even that gripped better with a few hundred miles on same tyres.

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