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ossa mar original center case gasket thickness?

montesa 348 kick trouble

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does anybody know the original thickness of the ossa mar central case gasket?....i want to know so i can get the correct -same thickness as original gasket ,in oerder to avoid shimming changes.......The old gasket seems to average at 0.025 inch   ive got a new one from vintco and it mic's at 0.030 inch ...

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Sorry I have no  idea what an original unused gasket would measure up to, but I do have a cheap looking aftermarket MAR gasket ( not Vintco) here in blue card that measures .020 inch

Your   .030 inch gasket will crush down a small amount when assembled & all screws torqued up,

but the only way to see how much would be to - 1.assemble - 2. torque up screws 3. - dismantle - 4.  measure gasket 

( then buy another Vintco gasket to use if you are happy with measurements )

If you say the old gasket   AVERAGES -.025 inch , then I wouldn't think you are far off

Are the tolerances that fine on an Ossa ?

I need to rebuild my own MAR engine soon, and I think I would rather have too much clearance rather than too little - better loose than something binding - I will be looking for a thicker gasket than the one I have

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